Learn to play Casino Brag

Casino Brag is very similar to Texas Hold-em Poker with the winning card combinations much the same. The only difference is that Brag is played with 3 cards instead of 5.

Place your bet on the box marked ‘ante’.

The Dealer will deal 3 cards to each player and 3 to themselves.

Look at your cards. If you want to stay in the game, place your ‘play’ bet on the table (this should be the same amount as your ‘ante’ bet).

If you want to leave the game, just say ‘fold’ this will mean you will lose your ‘ante’ bet.

If the Dealer’s hand doesn’t have at least a Queen High it doesn’t qualify so your ‘ante’ bet will be paid even money and your ‘play’ bet will be returned to you.

If the dealer does have a Queen High, you win evens on both your ‘ante’ and ‘play’ bets if your own hand is better.

If the dealer’s hand is better than yours, you lose both bets.

You can place an optional separate bet on the Pair Plus box at the start of each game, just ask the dealer for more information.

Hands Rank In The Following Order From Low To High

High Card: Ace being the highest and all 3 of your cards play, i.e. A-K –J would beat A-K-10

One Pair: Aces are highest followed by Kings and down in normal order, all 3 card play again so 9-9-K would beat 9-9-Q

A Flush: All 3 card in the same suit, an ace flush being the highest and again all 3 cards come in to play, no suit is worth more than any other.

A Straight: Commonly known as a straight in poker 3 running cards i.e. 3-4-5, the highest run is A-2-3 followed by A-K-Q then K-Q-J and so on, the lowest being 2-3-4.

Three of a Kind: 3 cards of the same value also known as 3 of a kind. 3-3-3 is the highest hand in 3 card brag followed by A-A-A then K-k-K and so on.

A Running Flush: 3 running cards of the same suit, the same rules apply as above with A-2-3 being the highest. A running flush is also known as a bouncer as in “10, jack, queen on the bounce”