Learn to play BlackJack

The game of Blackjack is played with 6 decks of cards. The object of the game is to score higher than the dealer without going over 21.  If you go over 21, you’re ‘bust’ and you lose your wager.

At the start of the evening, all 6 decks will be spread on the table face up, checked all cards are present and then shuffled in accordance to the gaming procedure.  Once the shuffle procedure is completed and the cards are placed in the shoe, the game is ready to proceed.

At this point, players will make their wager and the game will commence.  Once the initial deal has taken place and any side bets (optional bet of Paired Bonus) have been paid out the main game of Blackjack will continue.

Once all the player’s hands are complete the dealer will then complete their hand.  They must continue drawing cards until the value of 17 or greater is reached.  The dealer must stand on all 17s.

The outcomes and pay-outs are as follows:

Player wins

The player wins if:

  • The dealer’s total is above 21 and the player’s hand has not exceeded 21.
  • The dealer’s total is below 21 but lower than the player’s total, as long as the player’s total has not exceeded 21.
  • When the player’s hand wins (excluding Blackjack) the player is paid 1 to 1 for the bet on that hand.

Player loses

The player loses if:

  • The player’s total is above 21.
  • The dealer’s total is below 21 and higher than the player’s total.

When the player’s hand loses, the player’s bet on the hand is lost.


A push occurs if:

  • The player and dealer have hands with the same value.
  • A push does not occur in the instance where a Blackjack is against a non-Blackjack 21; Blackjack (a 2 card value) is always higher than achieving 21 with more than 2 cards.

When a push occurs, the player’s wager on the hand is returned.


The player has Blackjack and wins if:

  • The player has a 2 card total of 21 and the dealer does not have Blackjack. (An Ace and a picture card)

When the player’s hand wins with a Blackjack, the player is paid 3 to 2 for the bet on that hand. So, if you bet £2, you’ll win £3.


Game rules and information can also be found on the wall within the gaming rooms.