Palace Poker Room - Christmas Mystery Bounty

2 Day Event / £5000 GTD

20 000 Starting Stack-20 Minute Levels

13 Levels played on day 1

Registration open until level 8

Management reserves the right to change, amend or alter any portion of the tournament

There are no bounties awarded if you eliminate a player on Day1

At the start of day 2, all players will be given a Mystery Bounty Token upon seating

If you eliminate a player, you will collect their Mystery Bounty Token

Players can take any collected tokens to the Mystery Bounty table to draw an envelope

The Mystery Bounty prize amounts be determined by tournament entries and remaining players

As each prize is drawn, the prize will be removed from the list

In the event of a deal where play ends, each player will have their own Mystery Bounty Token to draw

If multiple players eliminate another player with the same hand, the Mastery Bounty Token will be split